Yarnbox Yarn Subscription – Should You Subscribe?

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Are you in a yarn rut? Reaching for the same fibers for each project? I joined Yarnbox to bust that yarn rut!

Yarnbox Shipping Box

What Is Yarnbox?

Yarnbox is a monthly yarn subscription and they send you a box of yarn and a pattern each month. Yarnbox has three options – Socks, Classic, and Luxe. I chose the monthly Classic box. You can set your preferences – I chose Crochet and then I chose that I didn’t want yarn that was too small. As far as colors, I picked Surprise Me. You can select colors that you don’t want or your favorites. Since I wanted to get out of a yarn rut, I thought the surprise me would work best.

Information and pattern cards

Cards come with yarn company information and two pattern links – one for crochet and one for knitting.

The Classic boxes ship on the 15th and if you are dying to know what you are getting, you can check the Yarnbox group forums at Ravelry.com. They usually post a picture in the Spoilers forum. Shipping will vary, so some places will get their yarn earlier than others. Ravelry also has a forum in the Yarnbox group that will allow you post any Yarnbox yarns that you have to trade or that you are seeking. The community on Ravelry is really a lot of fun and a great group to share with!

The website and sign-up process are very simple and it was easy to set up my subscription. They also have gift subscriptions for any knitters or crocheters in your life. There are other subscription options, like every other month, so you can customize it to what you want pretty easily.

Pros and Cons of Yarnbox Classic Subscription

Wonderland Yarn

Wonderland Yarns

– New yarns every month delivered right to your door
– New pattern each month (One crochet, one knit)
– Quality yarns that you might not know about
– Ability to choose favorites and least favorites
– Easy to join and easy to stop subscription
– Fun Ravelry community to participate in
– Can order extra the next month to complete larger projects


– Expensive – could eat into your monthly yarn budget
– Sometimes the favorite colors don’t always show up
– You could get a fiber you don’t like
– Around 500 yards, so only small projects
– Adding to complete a project can get expensive

Yarn at Your Door – Did You Subscribe?

I have kept my subscription because it is opening me up to new yarns and ideas. Yarnbox isn’t sending me this for free, so this is a real review!

Are you a Yarnbox subscriber? If so, what Pros and Cons do you have for the service?

Do you have questions about Yarnbox? Feel free to comment below!


A review of Yarnbox - one of the yarn subscription services.