Yarn Trip! – Yarn Cloud, Occoquan, Virginia

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After a quick trip up I-95 to Arlington, Virginia, the kids and I decided to stop in historic Occoquan on the way back home and check out the local sites. Of course, we had to stop in the local yarn shop, Yarn Cloud, and check out the shop. This Occoquan, Virginia yarn shop was truly dreamy and the name fits!

Yarn Cloud, Occoquan, Virginia - local yarn store

We were immediately greeted by the owner and another staff member and they were extremely helpful and kind. They pointed us to some of the local yarn options sold in the store and gave us some background on them. One is the Cestari Monticello, from Cestari Sheep and Wool which operates in Virginia.

Cestari Montecello Yarn at Yarn Cloud

The shop is small, but well-stocked and organized. You can find lots of yarn options and tools available to help beginner and advanced crocheters and knitters. My kids had a lot of fun using the crank knitting machine that is displayed in the store.

Yarn Cloud offers classes and lots of training materials and books too. Occoquan, Virginia is a great little spot to visit. They have a community craft fair in June and September that is a ton of fun to attend and see all the crafts and artisans.

You can also swing down by the river to walk along the docks there and visit the other local shops and restaurants in the area. This is a great spot to shop for yarn and send your family out to explore so they don’t get in the way of your yarn shopping!

Why We love this store

  • Excellent location! So fun to get off of I-95 and be transported to this sweet little town on the river.
  • The selection and organization – I love to see a store clearly organized and this one hits the spot! They have a great selection of yarn and it is clearly organized and sorted.
  • The people – Nothing better than to be warmly greeted at the door and to have all your questions answered and more! I also appreciated that they talked and engaged my kids in the knitting machine and different yarns.

What not to miss

  • All the great local Virginia yarns featured!
  • The Occoquan Arts and Craft Show in June and September!
  • That crank knitting machine! So much fun.

Location and Classes

Located at –  204 Washington St, Occoquan, VA 22125

Class schedules are found on their website. They offer beginning classes along with special technique classes like Intarsia, Fixing Mistakes, and a Knit Elephant.

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