About Us

About Rose

I first learned how to knit in 2003 when I was visiting an aunt in Montana. Although I had grown up a hardcore tomboy and wanted nothing to do with "women's work", I was curious about the mechanics of knitting and asked my aunt exactly what it was she was doing as she manipulated the yarn. Much to my chagrin, she pulled out an extra pair of needles and a ball of yarn and said she'd give me a knitting lesson! I protested but my curiosity got the better of me and I let her teach me what has since become a life-long passion. A few years later, the same aunt taught me how to crochet and I've never looked back.

Having been born to a Mexican immigrant family in Southern California, I learned Spanish and then English from birth. In high school I decided to learn French and fell in love with both the language and culture of France. Since then, I've had the opportunity to live, study, and work in France and Italy. I'm a language teacher of Spanish, French, and English as a Second Language. I also teach knitting and crochet and recently became a Professional Organizer.

Nowadays, I knit and crochet year round concurrently. I enjoy knitting lace blankets and shawls as well as projects with cables. I'm a much faster crocheter than knitter so many times if I'm making a gift for someone it's crocheted. I LOVE color and enjoy putting together different color schemes for projects.

On the blog, you will see posts from me that are related to tips and techniques on how to improve your knitting/crochet skills. I also enjoy making my own stitch markers and will share that process as well. My other passions include reading and film. I love reading and watching movies in different languages and love to share and receive suggestions on what's good!

About Lisa

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl sitting on my grandma's lap in West Virginia. She mostly quilted, but she also crocheted beautiful doilies and huge bedspreads. I stopped crocheting as I grew up and life got in the way. I became a teacher and worked in instructional technology for a while before returning to the classroom. Then, I got married and had two lovely children. One winter, a snow day was approaching and I was looking for a craft to do with my kids while we were stuck inside. So, we ran to our local craft store and grabbed some yarn and crochet hooks. The next day, we watched YouTube videos to refresh and then we just dove in!

On the blog, you will see posts from me that relate more to my stage in the yarn game - a beginner to advanced beginner. I prefer bigger yarns and shorter projects! You will usually see my colors fall in the warmer spectrum, but it depends on what I am making and who it is for. I also handle more of the technical side of the blog. As an English teacher, my other passion is reading and I pretty much exclusively read young adult or middle grade novels so that I can share them with my students.(If you have any great novels in this age range, let me know!)

About Stitch in Progress

We met in January one year when Lisa signed up for a crochet class with her daughter at the local yarn store. The instructor happened to be Rose! After taking a class together, Lisa had been planning to create a blog to share her ideas for simple patterns and to help other people come to enjoy crocheting as much as she does. Rose was eager to share all her ideas too!

So, we formed a team and started our blog. The core mission of our blog is to share lots of great ideas and patterns for people like us...busy people who want projects they can actually finish. We will put in the work for you and let you know how long it will take to complete a project. You will see us sharing great projects that we create and other designer's projects that we have made ourselves. We consider ourselves and our projects to always be "a work in progress", so we came up with the name Stitch in Progress to represent that we are all lifelong learners of crochet and knitting.

We hope that our blog becomes a spot that new and experienced crocheters and knitters use and recommend to others. Join us in our mission! Sign up for our latest news and keep in touch.