Easy Beginner Crochet Shawl – I Did it!

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Easy Beginner Crochet Shawl Pattern

My Take on the Easy Beginner Crochet Shawl

I did it! I crocheted the Coraline in the Wine Country Shawl by Simply Collectible Crochet with YouTube help from Bobwilson123. This is definitely an easy beginner crochet shawl pattern and I recommend that you get it on your hook right away! It makes a great gift and can be sized up or down simply by adding or removing rows.

This shawl took me approximately 6 hours to complete.  The pattern is very simple and requires a repeating combination of basic stitches until halfway, then you add a stitch, then go back to the repeating pattern. I loved crocheting this one. Because it is that repeating stitch, it is easy to take along or to crochet in front of the tv or while kids are running around. If you have to stop, you won't struggle to pick up where you left off or have to recount anything.

Searching for Easy Beginner Crochet Shawl Patterns

shawl draped over shoulders

Draped over your shoulders.

Earlier in the year, I got my first Yarnbox and it was a wonderful set from Frabjous Fibers Wonderland Yarns. (Check out my review of Yarnbox here.) I got the Compass Kit in Choose Your Path. The colors were lovely, but the pattern that was included was a little beyond my abilities and time available. So, I waited and checked around for other patterns on Ravelry.

If you haven't used the search feature on Ravelry, you must try it! I love being able to search by the amount of yarn that I have. I hate to find a great pattern and then see that it takes double what I have in my stash. So, if I only have a small amount of yarn, that is the first section I adjust on the search engine. I can't say enough about how great that search feature is there.

With that in mind, I quickly came across this wonderful pattern for a very simple, but beautiful shawl. It fit the amount of yarn that I had available and I knew I could work it up quickly. Celina Lane created a very easy to follow pattern and then BobWilson123 added the video tutorial. (If you aren't following her on YouTube yet, add that to your to do list right now.)

Click here for the free pattern available at Simply Collectible Crochet. 

shawl styled to the side

Styled to the side

Beautiful Shawl to Style

I love that this shawl is so easy to style in different ways.

You can wrap it around like a scarf.

Or you can wear it to one side. This would also look great with a shawl pin.

And of course, you can wear it wrapped lightly around your shoulders.

Who doesn't love one piece that can be worn in so many ways!

Yarn I used to crochet this shawl:

Frabjous Fibers - Sport Weight - 100% SW Merino - 602 yds, 200g 

This yarn is so lovely to work with and the feel is so soft and comforting on your skin. Definitely find this yarn and give it a squish yourself!

Want More from Simply Collectible Crochet?

Celina has so many wonderful patterns and ideas! Check her out and let her know we sent you. Share that yarn love!

Any other easy beginner crochet shawl patterns that you love?

We would love to see your finished shawl or hear about your latest projects!
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Check out this easy crochet shawl project. It is great for beginner crocheters.