Crochet Ribbed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

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In this post, we featured a ribbed knit dishcloth as the first dishcloth in our Ribbed Dishcloth Series. This ribbed look was achieved with a combination of two knit stitches and two purl stitches. This week we are continuing the series in crochet. In keeping with the ribbed look, we’ve chosen a crochet ribbed stitch that closely resembles knit ribbing.

The crochet ribbed stitch for this pattern is achieved by crocheting longwise (vertically) as well as only crocheting into the back loop. This stitch can be created over any number of stitches.

Stay tuned for the same knit ribbed look done in Tunisian Crochet!  

Crochet ribbed dishcloth pattern

Crochet Ribbed Stitch Dishcloth


  • 100% cotton yarn
  • USK (6.50mm) Crochet Hook  
  • Tapestry Needle


  • Ch (chain)
  • St (stitch)
  • Sc (single crochet)
  • Bl (back loop)


Ch 27

Row 1: Sc in 2nd st from hook and each ch across; ch1 and turn. - 26 sts

Row 2: Sc in BL only of each sc across; ch 1 and turn. - 26 sts

Repeat Row 2 until dishcloth measures desired width. Fasten off and weave in ends with tapestry needle.

crochet ribbed dishcloth detail

Helpful TIps

  • You can do the ribbing stitch in any crochet stitch. Play around with different stitches but remember to only crochet into the BL to attain the ribbed look!
  • Remember, the shorter the stitch, the stretchier the stitch! This means the single crochet ribbed pattern is the stretchiest.


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crochet ribbed dishcloth pattern

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