What’s in my Crochet and Knitting Bag?

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knit and crochet tools and notions

So you’re a knitter and/or crocheter? You’ve mastered those new stitches and are now starting to make projects and accumulate needles, hooks, and yarn which are the most important requirements to make that hat or scarf pattern you have your eye on. But what if I told you yarn and needles or hooks are just the tip of the crochet tools or knitting tools iceberg? You’ve probably already walked by the knitting and crocheting notions section in your local yarn store and have maybe even started to collect little items you think you may need...like a pair of small sewing scissors or a row counter. Well, I’d like to invite you to take a look into my Knitting and Crochet Bag! The following crochet and knitting tools and notions are what I carry in my bag and they have helped me time and time again throughout the years while making projects.

This of course isn’t a comprehensive list and we’d like to know what YOU carry in your bag! Feel free to share any items you can’t live without and that have found a home in your Knitting/Crocheting Bag.

We have included links to many of the items in this post for your convenience. The links to products are affiliate links for us. That means that we get a commission if you purchase anything after clicking our link. There is no extra cost to you. Check out our full disclosure policy here.


You can’t have a Knitting/Crochet Bag without a bag, right? And if you’re anything like me, you have bags within bags within bags!  

I usually have one big Knitting/Crocheting Bag and then a few smaller bags that house my tools and projects. A few months ago I found this beautiful set which I’m currently using. I have the big bag, a smaller project bag, and another small bag for all my tools and notions. This set is matching, but you don’t have to have a matching set.

The fun part is finding those cute unique bags that can serve a purpose in your Knitting/Crocheting Bag. Believe me when I tell you, I have TONS of bags! Whether they were originally meant to house make-up, toiletries, or school supplies, if I like the bag and it’s the right size, it’ll go into my knitting/crocheting bag rotation.

crochet and knitting bag set

The Main Bag

This bag will serve as your main Knitting/Crocheting Bag and should be big enough to hold your other smaller bags and projects. Of course, the kind of bag is up to you. I’ve seen all types of bags serve this purpose, from Diaper Bags to Purses and even Baskets As long as it’s convenient and practical, anything goes!

Project Bags   

These bags are for your WIPs (Work in Progress). I’m usually a one project at a time kind of girl but I’ve been known to have a few WIPs going at the same time. There’s the complicated at home only project, the travel project, the knit project, the crochet project, the shop model/blog post model project, the model for a class I’ll be teaching project, etc., etc. The best way to keep these projects safe, clean, and organized, is to put them in their own project bag. This way, when you want to work on it, you can simply grab the project bag and throw it into your Knitting/Crochet Bag.

Tools and Notions Bags

These smaller bags are for your small tools and notions. Items such as scissors, measuring tape, row counter, etc. Again, these bags can be any kind of bag you’d like. I’ve used cosmetic, toiletry, pencil, and even shoe bags to hold my knitting/crocheting notions. I’m constantly on the lookout for cute and unique bags that appeal to my likes and interests. And over the years I have accumulated quite a few bags!


Over the years as I’ve gained more and more experience as a knitter/crocheter, I have curated a tool bag that houses everything I need to make my project making process easy and seamless. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a small crochet hook to fix a mistake when you’re on the train or worse, a plane and not having anything on hand. The following are the items I carry in my tools/notions bag which I have found to be indispensable.


Every knitting/crocheting toolkit needs a good sharp pair of scissors! I even have small yarn cutters for when I travel on an airplane since oftentimes airport security will confiscate small sewing scissors for security reasons. This happened to me once with a beloved pair of scissors I had forgotten to put in my checked luggage and I was devastated.

Measuring Tape

Whether you need to measure a gauge swatch or find out how many more inches you need to knit or crochet on your project, no knitting/crochet toolkit is complete without one! The hardest part for me is to pick which measuring tape to carry in my bag since I have found some really cute ones and these babies last FOREVER so there’s rarely a need to replace them. My current measuring tape was a gift from a friend that I found to be very thoughtful and sweet. Plus, it’s a crocheted little owl and I’m obsessed with owls!

Row Counter

This one is a no brainer. I’ve been known to keep a tally sheet here and there but mainly that was because I couldn’t find my row counter or I was already using it to keep track of rows on another project. These babies will save you lots of headaches, trust me! I found my current electronic row counter on Amazon and having it on my finger right in front of my face was life changing!

Stitch Markers

Another tool that can save you from stress is the stitch marker. Stop making life hard on yourself and start using these! Trust me, they are lifesavers. I like to watch movies and TV Shows on Netflix while I knit/crochet and the last thing I need is to have to keep track of stitches when I’m working on big complicated lace patterns. Enter, the stitch marker. Just slip these onto your needle at the beginning of each pattern repeat and voilà, no more counting and recounting because you lost track. I’m a very visual person and like my stitch markers to be pretty and shiny so a few years ago I started making my own with beautiful colorful beads. Depending on the size of my project, I’ve been known to carry up to 30 stitch markers at a time!

Tapestry Needle

Once you have finished your project you’ll need to weave in those loose ends. Not my favorite part, I admit but one thing I dislike even more is looking high and low for a tapestry needle when I need one! Once I started carrying my little tin with tapestry needles, this was no longer an issue. And now I even keep a tapestry needle in my collect all bowl on the table beside my place on the couch for even easier access!

Small Crochet Hook

If you’re a knitter, it’s more than likely you’ve dropped a stitch at one point in your knitting career. This can be a fearful heart-stopping moment for the novice knitter but for the experienced knitter, we calmly reach for a small crochet hook and pick that pesky little sucker right up!  I carry a few different sized crochet hooks since the one I’ll use depends on the yarn size of my current project. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to pick up a chunky yarn with a tiny crochet hook!

Highlighting Tape

This tape is very useful when keeping track of what row you’re on in a pattern. It lifts easily so you can move it up as you progress on your pattern. It comes in different colors and it’s found a permanent home in my knitting/crochet tool kit!

Needle Tips

These handy little guys will ensure the stitches on your needle don’t slip off when you’re aren’t working on your project. You can even stop in the middle of a row. Just attach the tips to your needles and you’re all set!

Pencil/Pen and Notepad

Having something on hand to make notes on a project you’re working on is very important. As you gain experience you may want to start tweaking or changing patterns to suit your needs. I keep a notepad and a larger knitting journal to keep track of these kinds of changes and any other useful information I may need in the future. My pen is a Japanese marvel that houses a black ink pen, a red ink pen, and a mechanical pencil all in one handy pen! This is helpful since I’m able to make annotations on my patterns in different colored ink or I can use a pencil if I need to erase frequently. You may even think about adding a highlighter pen to your toolkit!

Resource Information

Nowadays any question you may have when it comes to knitting/crocheting can probably be found on your phone with the internet. But if you’re a bit old-fashioned, having a resource booklet can be very handy. I received a set of knitting resource cards from a friend a few years ago and they have really been helpful throughout the years. From how long my tail should be to accommodate the amount of stitches I need to cast on to how to calculate how much yarn I’ll need for a project, these cards have been very useful and have become indispensable to me.

Small Manicure Set

As a chronic nail biter until my mid 20s, I need to always make sure I don’t have any hangnails or cracked/broken nails that may start to catch on my yarn. You would be surprised at how many times I’ve had a need for a nail clipper or a nail file to fix something on my nails that’s catching on my yarn.

Hand Lotion

Another indispensable item for your knitting/crochet toolkit is hand lotion. Especially during the winter/dry season when your hands are prone to dryness and cracking. There’s nothing I dislike more than having rough hands as I’m knitting with cotton or wool. Keeping your hands smooth and soft is essential when working with lovely scrumptious yarn!


These tools are items I carry in my tool bag only on an as needed basis.

Cable Needles

These needles will hold your stitches when working on cables. Whether they are straight or look like a hook, they make cable-making a breeze!

Stitch Holder

Do you have a project that’s been sitting on a pair of needles for a few months and now you’re itching to start a new project but you need the needles from that hibernating project? Not to worry, just slip the stitches onto a stitch holder and your needles are now free to use on your new project. Now the only worry is whether or not you’ll ever go back to that hibernating project! Spoiler Alert: You don’t always go back!

Double Pointed Needles

Many shawl patterns will have you start out your work on double pointed needles until your project has grown enough to be able to fit onto circular needles. Sometimes, you may need to knit a small number of stitches independent to your regular knitting needles. The pattern will ask you to put them onto DPNs.

Pattern Holder

Having your pattern easily accessible and conveniently displayed is very important. I have a few different kinds of pattern holders I use and have used in the past. For me, it just depends on the pattern. Sometimes I need to carry multiple patterns at a time and for that I’ll use a folder. I was lucky to find a document carrier in the same pattern as my bag set! I don’t like my papers wrinkled or folded and this helps to keep them in pristine condition.

Did we miss anything? What else do you carry in your Knitting and/or Crochet Bag? We’d love to hear about your favorite knitting tools and crochet tools!

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Happy knitting/crocheting,

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