Crochet Infinity Wrap – I Did It!

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Crochet Infinity Wrap or Scarf

The Pattern – Mobius Shawl Wrap

One of my best friends moved to Germany for a job opportunity this summer. I will miss her, but I know she is happy and loving European life and culture. She mentioned early that her daughter was looking at European fashion to decide what clothes to take. She told her daughter to get skinny jean and lots of warm scarves and sweaters, especially ones with a hood. So, I started thinking about what kind of wrap I could make for her. I started searching and stumbled upon this lovely crochet infinity wrap by Donna Wolfe. She calls this her Mobius Shawl Wrap. The pattern is very simple to follow and her video tutorial and tip for keeping your chain untwisted are super helpful! She has a lot of other great patterns and tips on her website and her YouTube channel, so be sure to follow her!


Working It Up – Crochet Infinity Wrap

I wanted to make my version super bulky and warm for those German winters. So, rather than the double crochet stitch that the pattern calls for, I used the treble crochet stitch instead. I also increased the stitch count on the chain to 82 stitches because of the larger yarn and I wanted something that could fit over other thick clothes. Because of the bulky yarn, I didn’t work as many rows as the pattern calls, but I did maintain the measurements that she gives in the pattern for the height of the piece.

Each row took me about 30 minutes to complete, so overall this version took around 5 hours to complete including weaving in ends and so on. I would rate this pattern as an advanced beginner. The double crochet stitch is not hard to do at all, but it does take a minute to get the hang of the Mobius twist in the pattern. Once you get that figured out, you can quickly move through the rest of the pattern.

Different Ways to Style

I love all the options here! You can wear it over the shoulders and covering much of the back – super warm and cozy!

I also love the option to fold down a collar on the shawl and make it look totally different and give your arms more movement area. You can also pull the top over the head and cover your head and neck from the wind or precipitation.

You can wear it like a long scarf too!

Or over one shoulder and ready when the sun starts to set and the air gets cooler!

Another option is to double wrap it and make it a super chunky scarf or cowl like the look at the top of the post.

My Work

Pattern – Mobius Shawl Wrap

Yarn – Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Constellation

Hook – P (US size)
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Time to complete – 4 – 5 hours

Difficulty – intermediate beginner

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Crochet Infinity Wrap or Scarf

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