Crochet Flower Pattern – Designer Spotlight

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Can you believe this is a photo of bouquet made from a crochet flower pattern? I was browsing a crochet group on Facebook and saw the photo above. I wondered why someone was putting a photo of a flower bouquet in a crochet group? Then I looked closer….they were crochet flowers! I had to investigate further. What I found is a a treasure of crochet flower pattern designs from Pippa Patterns Crochet.  Connie is just lovely and her designs are even lovelier!

Crochet flower patterns

I still have to look closely at all the photos in order to make sure they are crochet and not real. I have never seen such realistic patterns before. The little details like the dots on the lily petals and the seeds on the strawberries are what make the patterns so realistic.

Forsythia crochet pattern

I went right over and purchased the forsythia pattern without hesitation! I love forsythia and never even thought about crocheting them to keep them all year long! My only concern is trying to decide what to get next!

Crochet flower bouquet

Connie has so many patterns available on her shops! She has strawberry plants, lemon trees, pussy willow bouquets, tulips, and the list goes on and on. My favorite part is the attention to detail that she covers in her patterns and her designs. I downloaded the forsythia pattern already and it is well written and very thorough. Connie is also very responsive and helpful.

The pattern included lots of photos of the finished item, along with a very clear list of stitches, materials for the flowers and stems, additional materials, and very clear instructions along with photos of each step in the pattern!  Wow, just wow. She goes into great detail about the stems and includes step by step instructions on how to create those too. Very clear and very thorough!

So, run, don’t walk, to get over to her shops and check out these amazing patterns!

Pippa Patterns Crochet on Ravelry!

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Are you looking for realistic crochet flower patterns? Look no further than these designs by Pippa Patterns Crochet! This review shares all the details!

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