Crochet Dishcloth Pattern – Mixed Cluster Stitch

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Crochet mixed cluster stitch dishcloth pattern

Crochet dishcloths are such a great little project to make. They are quick, use up leftover yarn, and let you practice a new stitch to see how you like it. For this one, I wanted to try out this new stitch and it worked up great and I can see now where I might use this stitch in another project. This crochet dishcloth pattern is created with the mixed cluster stitch. It it really simple to use when you get into the groove. I found myself just zoning out and counting and then I was finished!

If you are interested in learning some other stitches, check out our tutorials for the back loop only stitch and the classic granny square cluster stitch.

My materials

  • Cotton yarn - Bernat Handicrafter DeLux - Olive
  • H hook
Crochet mixed cluster stitch dishcloth pattern
Crochet mixed cluster stitch dishcloth pattern

The Pattern

Stitches used

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
mc - mixed cluster stitch

How to work the mixed cluster stitch -

yarn over, insert hook into the first st , yarn over, draw loop through, yarn over, draw through two loops, skip 1 st, [yarn over, insert hook into next st, yarn over, draw loop through] twice into the same st, (6 loops on your hook), yarn over, draw through all loops on hook.  

The Pattern -

Chain 26 (multiples of 2 stitches +1 - add 1 for base chain)

Row 1 - skip 2 ch and work 1 sc into next and each ch to the end, turn
Row 2 - ch 2, 1 mc inserting hook into 1st st and 3rd st, ch 1, 1 mc inserting hook into same st as previous mc, repeat until the end of row, the last stitch should end the row, turn
Row 3 - ch 1, skip 1st st, 1 sc into the next and each st to the end, turn
Rows - 4-17 - repeat rows 2-3

Learn how to make a quick gift with this crochet dishcloth pattern. This free pattern uses the mixed cluster stitch to create a textured dishcloth that will stand up to everyday use! #crochet #dishcloth #pattern Crochet|dishcloth|pattern

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