Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern – Cobbles & Cables

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There are so many cute baby accessories out there these days! Every baby shower has tons of cool new tools and cute patterns. However, these trends come and go and there is nothing like a homemade blanket to share with a new baby or new family. This crochet baby blanket pattern is just the right mix of modern and traditional. This free pattern combines the cool modern grey and white colors with two textures to keep baby warm and busy!

The grey in this pattern is all worked in the misaligned cobble stitch, which Rose shows in our building block post. This stitch is perfect for a baby blanket and their little fingers will love the texture of the bumps in and then slide into the white larger row of cables. You could work this pattern in any colors, but I found the grey and white combination to be very modern and classy at the same time.

Cobbles and Cables crochet baby blanket on chair

Stitches Used in this Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

ch - chain
sl - slip stich
sc - single crochet
tc - treble crochet

Misaligned Cobble Stitch

Simple Cable

Crochet detail photo of cobbles and cables in baby blanket

How to work the Misaligned Cobble Stitch

Simple Cable Stitch Instructions

Row 23 - work 1 sc in first stitch, ch 3 and skip two stitches, work 1 sc in the third stitch -

*Turn your work and work 1 sc in each of the 3 chains, work 1 slip stitch into the next sc, turn your work again and work a sc into each of the two empty stitches behind your 3 chain/sc cable.

Chain 3 and work a sc into the 4th stitch away, skipping the sc that has been worked from the last cable and the two empty stitches for your next cable.*

Repeat this pattern  from * to * across to the end of the row, Chain 1 and Turn

Row 24 - work 1 sc in each st across, working behind the cables,

Cobbles and Cables Baby Blanket Pattern Pin

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